Day 6 India – Dr. P. Solomon Raj

Life brings God encounters. You never know when they will take place, where they will be, or whom will be involved. Today I had a God encounter and I am so very thankful. 

For as long as I have known Pastor Moses (2006) I have often heard of a man, his uncle, whom he so highly respects and is very fond of: Dr. P. Solomon Raj. I have books of his writings and paintings at home given to me by Pastor Moses through the years. He has always intrigued me. Simply his life accomplishments would impress anyone. Now 97, he was ordained as a Lutheran pastor in 1956 (a special year in my life), started a radio broadcast in Ethiopia, has choreographed dance, written poetry (five books in his 90s), taught at universities all over the world including the US, and more.

We connected immediately and I soaked in as much as I possibly could in hopes of learning valuable lessons from a man that God has used to influence so many, now me.

While there today, Pastor Moses presented to him his latest book. I was so honored to pray over this book, and man of God, and to present it to him. There is a tremendous blessing in this as Pastor Moses was supposed to visit him this past Monday, but a very reliable overnight delivery company was five days late delivering the box of books. It arrived when I arrived in Hyderabad (Wednesday). As a result, we traveled there today. The next time something in your life doesn’t happen when you expect it to, remember this story!

As I was reading some of his poems, the Lord gave me melody to one instantly. It was Celtic in nature. I shared this with Pastor Moses and wanted to know if I could have permission to write music to Dr. Solomon’s poetry. I was granted permission to do so and am very excited to begin this process soon. 

If I never see Dr. P. Solomon Raj again this side of heaven, I am so eternally grateful to have been given such a joyous opportunity!