Day 7 of Journey

Today was a very relaxed day. After yesterday’s journey it was well appreciated. Several friends of Brother Moses were visiting today, some of whom I know. It was great to see them again. We had lunch at a nearby hotel restaurant.

This evening I visited a home where seven children are provided for with essentials such as food, sleep, and help with their studies. One picture shows the parking lot where they live. I shared some stories, answered some questions, and listened as they sung some songs. All of us rose to our feet. I listened as they sung the India National anthem and they listened as I sung The Star Spangled Banner. Afterwards, biscuits (cookies) and tea were served.

Tonight we drove into the city for more pizza. The town is so dense. My understanding is that 12 million people live in this city. Cars drive wherever they want to at any moment. It’s survival of the fittest.