General Information

Building Hope Ministries, Inc. (BHM) was founded in March 2007.  Michael Callahan, BHM’s Executive Director & President, first traveled to South Asia in February 2006 to complete his seminary studies.  In February 2007, the Spirit of the Lord laid a burden on his heart to reach out to the people of South Asia.

From March through May of 2007, a Board of Directors was formed.  During that same time period, a praise and worship band was formed which became a ministry arm of BHM.  In May 2007, BHM was incorporated in the state of Maryland.  Since its inception, BHM has been involved in multiple journeys to South Asia.  Our ministry has been tremendously blessed by the people we have met.  We are in constant awe of how God continues to use us for His purposes.

Building Hope Ministries, Inc. is an approved 501(c)3, non-profit organization. This status was given to the organization during the first quarter of 2008. As God has always provided for our need, BHM has zero administration fees. 100% of all donations reach their destined purpose!

Building Hope Ministries welcomes you to explore our website and prayerfully consider becoming involved.  We would be honored to have you partner with us in this God-lead journey!