Children with HIV/AIDS

Psalm 72:13 reads, “He will have compassion on the poor and needy, and the lives of the needy he will save.” Building Hope Ministries is currently participating with our India partners as we support a community of HIV/AIDS children in Kerala, India. The cost per child, per month, is only $15.00. For now, this contribution is used only for food. Unfortunately, some children have passed away because of this illness. Our prayer is that they may live with dignity. As these children receive food for day-to-day survival, this opens doors of opportunity for them to also receive substance that never perishes, God’s word. 

Would you prayerfully consider a monthly or one-time donation for this purpose?

If you would prefer to write a check, please write “Childrens with HIV/AIDS” in the memo section, make it payable to Building Hope Ministries, and mail to the following address:

Building Hope Ministries
P.O. Box 1376
Bowie, MD 20718

Thank you for your support!