In the Shadow of the Almighty

Written by: Rev. Mario C. Ellis
Vice President, Human Resources
Founder/Refreshing Springs Congregational Church

Psalm 91:1 (NKJV)
He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

When I think about the world nations and how we are dealing with many issues that are similar and different, one thing rings true, everyone needs to abide under GOD’s grace.  Effective missions work is needed no matter where we are.  Nations and people groups are suffering in so many fashions.  Whether it is a lack of faith, or even the lack of knowledge of who GOD truly is, all people need the presence of GOD.  It is important to be overshadowed with His love and protection.  I had the chance to speak to a friend about GOD’s grace and how it is essential to share the love of GOD and allow the Holy Spirit to do the conviction of sin as He sees fit.  Because of our hurt and pain, all may experience Psalm 91 as a source of comfort.

As I was driving to work this morning, Psalm 91:1 brought such peace and comfort.  It is so crucial that Christians not only abide in a secret place with GOD, but when we have an opportunity to share with others, we can share why we abide in GOD’s secret place.  My hope was that as we are given the opportunity to talk to other individuals that we know: the witness of our story will prick their hearts, the comfort of knowing there is someone we can run to and have communion with would resonate so strongly, and there would be a change in their hearts and/or a change of their perception of whatever they are struggling with.  This opportunity is a form of missions work to all people.

Even during the turmoil of this present day, it warms my heart to see the many positive effects that are still happening around the world.  I see GOD’s providence in so many faces and situations and I also see that there are those, who even unknowingly at times, are still taking care of widows and orphans and the deprived.  I so love how the shadow of the Almighty can be cast wide from the prayers of the righteous.  So in reflection, I see so much comfort in Psalm 91, but in particular Psalm 91:1.

LORD, thank You for allowing me, and others, to understand the importance of dwelling in a secret place with You.  Thank You for overshadowing us with Your presence and love and to know that the safest place in the whole wide world is in Your presence.  Bless all nations as we find comfort in You.  I love You in the name of Jesus – AMEN