Day 5 in India

Today was a travel day from Thrissur, Kerala to Hyderabad, Telangana. I had breakfast in my hotel before we departed at 8:30. Abi took me to the airport. Traffic was pretty bad; worse since they started installing traffic lights. Abi is quite the worshipper! He broke out in praise on the way to the airport. Airports exhaust me, even if I’m just sitting there. My flight left around 12:50 pm and I arrived in Hyderabad at 2:15 pm. 

I’m now staying with Pastor Moses and his family. After a short meal, I went to my room and slept from 5-8:30 pm. I’m still tired. A visit to Hyderabad without pizza would be blasphemous so tonight we journeyed down the road to a Dominos and enjoyed our annual pilgrimage together. The picture you see is Pastor Moses, his son, Donny, and myself. Hitting the sack now. Three hour journey tomorrow to Vijayawada.