Day 3 in India

Today’s journey was a long one. Pastor Daniel, Pastor Shibu, and I departed from the hotel at 5 am. I returned not long ago at 10:30 pm. We easily spent 14 hours on the road traveling to Trivandrum District and back. The main purpose of this journey was to visit a church that Building Hope assisted last year. This church was faced with an emergency in the summer of 2016 as a cyclone with heavy rains completely removed and destroyed its roof. Loving donors quickly assisted and this roof was replaced in a very short turn around.

On a journey this long there are frequent and welcomed breaks for tea or coffee. Fresh banana chips are also a favorite. Much laughter and conversation filled our day.

On the return back to Thrissur District we stopped for about an hour at Kovalam Beach in Trivandrum. This beach is on the west coast and the body of water we enjoyed was the Arabian Sea. Waves were rough but people were enjoying the waters. I rolled up my pant legs as much as I could and enjoyed the water for awhile. As fate would have it, I turned my head for a moment and was soon wearing drenched pants.

It was a blessed day. I was so thankful that God allowed me to see this roof and enjoy His creation with my Brothers at the Arabian Sea.